(ABANDONED) Android Animation for Titanium (ti-android-animation)

Access the Honeycomb+ Animation API via Titanium

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Android Animation for Titanium

PLEASE NOTE: I no longer work with Titanium. This module has been abandoned. I recommend you fork it or find a fork that is maintainted by someone else.

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This Titanium Android module makes the Honeycomb (Android 3.0) animation API available to Titanium Android apps. It uses Jake Wharton's excellent NineOldAndroids library to make the animations available on pre-Honeycomb devices as well.

It does this by wrapping and exposing two types of animators that are native to the Honeycomb Animation API: ObjectAnimator (native) and ViewPropertyAnimator (native).

Additionally, it provides access to the AnimatorSet (native), which can run multiple ObjectAnimator instances either simultaneously or back-to-back.

The real star of the bunch is the ViewPropertyAnimator, which is the one you should be trying to use first.


Currently the documentation is in javadoc strings within the code and generated using Doxygen. The result is not particularly "Javascripty", but I hate separating documentation from code, so that's the way it is at least for now.


Please see the documentation for instructions on how to use the module in your Titanium app. You can also find code samples under the example/ folder.

Meanwhile here is a very quick example of using the view property animator made available via this module:

var animationModule = require("com.billdawson.timodules.animation");

//... setup window / views ...



The module has so far been built and tested only with Titanium 3.0.2. You build it the same as you would build any other Titanium module for Android. The build.xml Ant script is provided, but be sure your machine is setup to build Titanium Android modules. You can ensure this by creating and building your own test module using Titanium Studio. In a nutshell, you'll need the Android SDK, the Android NDK and Python.

Full instructions on how to create and build Titanium modules for Android will not be provided here. Nor will instructions on how to put modules in to your Titanium app projects be provided here. Look elsewhere!

If you don't wish to build but just want the packaged module, you can grab the finished product -- the packaged ZIP file -- also at Github.

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The original code herein is...

Copyright 2013 William Dawson.

The NineOldAndroids library, upon which this module is built, is...

Copyright 2012 Jake Wharton.

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